Services for Individual Investors

Investment Access Accounts

An excellent first step in establishing your relationship with Carter, Terry & Company is setting up an Investment access account, which includes:

  • A minimum initial investment of only $1,000 in cash and/or securities;
  • No minimum balance once the account is opened;
  • No annual account fee;
  • A choice of three professionally managed money-market-fund portfolios: money-market, government securities 1, and tax-exempt;
  • Automatic reinvestment of interest, dividends, and other cash balances into the money-market portfolio you select;
  • No-minimum checking;
  • Convenient worldwide 24-hour ATM access;
  • Overdraft protection and a private credit line based on the value of your marginable securities, which allows you to borrow (at rates usually lower than those available from banks) by simply writing a check or using your ATM card; the more you have, the more you can borrow, and the interest may be tax-deductible up to the total of your taxable investment income from all sources;
  • Direct deposit – automatic deposit of your paycheck (or government checks like social security) in your investment access account via electronic funds transfer; and
  • An automatic payment feature – monthly debits for payments like mortgages, insurance drafts, car payments, and mutual-fund investments.

Your Investment access account makes it easy to manage all your assets more effectively through a single account.

  • The Government guarantee of the securities owned by the Government Securities Portfolio does not guarantee the net asset value of the Portfolio’s shares, which the Portfolio seeks to maintain at $1.00 per share. Yields on all three portfolios will fluctuate. Future performance is not guaranteed.
  • The Investment access account fact kit includes the money-market-fund prospectus, which contains complete information, including management fees and expenses. Read it carefully before you invest.


If you are interested in superior long-term growth, part of your portfolio will probably be devoted to the one kind of investment that consistently produces such growth – common stocks. To help your CT&C broker recommend stocks that suit your investment objectives, our investment research service includes:

  • In-house research and corporate overviews of selected stocks; and access to RBC Dain CS original research and investment analysts.

The state-of-the-art BETA System and BetaQuotes give your CT&C broker instant access to critical market data and information on your account, portfolio valuations, inventories of securities, and other information for enhanced service to you.
Through RBC Dain, your CT&C broker can provide quick and efficient executions of your orders. You also get easy access, favorable prices, and quick executions in a wide range of growth investments.

Bonds and Other Fixed-Income Securities

To make sure that you and your CT&C broker have access to securities that meet your needs, we have access to comprehensive inventories of government, corporate, and local municipal securities. Interest on municipal bonds is exempt from federal income taxes, and usually from the income taxes of the issuing state. In addition, Carter, Terry & Company offers certificates of deposit from a nationwide inventory, available through RBC Dain CS, with attractive yields and maturities of six months, one year, and longer. RBC Dain CS acts as agent in offering CD’s insured (up to $100,000 per account) by FDIC. The minimum investment is $5,000.

If you like, your CT&C broker can design a portfolio to provide an interest check every month. To plan for future needs like education funding or retirement, we can design a “bond ladder” with staggered maturities to provide income and principal when you need it.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds pool the money of many investors who share similar objectives, creating diversified portfolios under professional management. A mutual fund may invest its shareholders’ money in stocks, bonds, or both. Some mutual-fund companies provide families of funds, allowing you to switch your money from one fund to another as your investment objectives change.

Many funds allow an initial investment as low as $250-$1,000 and can provide convenient reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. Many also allow you to take advantage of a proven investment discipline called dollar-cost averaging –investing the same number of dollars at regular intervals–through convenient payroll deduction.

We offer a variety of stock, bond, and balanced (stock-and-bond) mutual funds from several companies–including municipal-bond funds designed to yield maximum tax-exempt income. We also offer unit investment trusts (UITs), which provide diversified portfolios of municipal, public debt, and equity securities.

Fund Service Gateway

This innovative service selects mutual funds from an extensive universe – including well-known no-loads – to provide a portfolio suited to your investment objectives. It also provides performance monitoring and recommendations as needed, along with:

  • One place to make transactions without loads or commissions.
  • One statement summarizing all portfolio positions.
  • One consolidated tax report at year end.
  • One source for service and research.

Fee-Based Portfolio-Management and Brokerage Services

For those who prefer an alternative to the traditional brokerage account, we offer three types of accounts in which a single annual fee replaces commissions on transactions. For these accounts, the minimum account size is $100,000.

  • Asset Choice is a fee-based monitored brokerage account. Your CT&C broker makes investment recommendations while you make the final decisions. You also receive a written performance report at least twice a year.
  • CT&C Consulting Inc. is the investment advisor division of Carter, Terry & Company. Your CT&C broker can assist you in working with CT&C Consulting Inc. to find a professional money manager to suit your investment goals and objectives.
  • Resource II allows you to invest $100,000 or more with any of a select group of leading managers, some of whom ordinarily require a minimum investment of $1 million.

Asset Choice

One of the things long-term prosperity means today is being ready, at age 65, to fund as much as 25 more years of comfortable, active living. Our Asset Choice program, the first program designed specifically for retired investors, has been reviewed and approved by The National Council on the Aging, Inc. It provides a number of value-added services – a financial security analysis, an income-tax review, a cash-flow analysis, an estate-planning profile, an annual financial checkup, a periodic newsletter, and more – all at no cost or obligation. Through Asset Choice, Carter, Terry & Company can help you plan a secure retirement.

Keeping You Informed

Depending on your account’s activity, you will receive a monthly or quarterly statement detailing your cash and securities transactions and positions. Twice a year, you receive a Consolidated Statement of Financial Condition of RBC Dain, which includes a report from our clearing broker/dealer’s management bringing you up to date on the firm’s major activities.

Late in January, you will receive an Annual Activity Summary. It’s a report of all your transactions for the calendar year just ended – which can make preparing your tax return a lot easier.

RBC Dain Correspondence Services

Through Carter, Terry & Company’s alliance with RBC Dain, client securities accounts are provided up to $500,000 in account protection (cash up to $100,000) by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). An additional $49.5 millions of protection is provided at no cost, for total protection of up to $50 million. This protection does not cover any decline in the market value of your investments, and certain related accounts may have one aggregate limit.

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